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Antioxidants and your skin

 What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals—like vitamins A, C, E, and green tea—that protect your skin against free radicals. 

What are Free Radicals? 

They are molecules in pollution, chemicals - even cigarette smoke. They are in the environment and damage your skin by weakening elasticity and basically take the life out of your skin. Antioxidants neutralize those free radicals to protect your skin from damage. Some antioxidants have extra superpowers and can also brighten your skin, calm irritation, and even smooth fine lines—as long as you choose the right ones. 

Antioxidant: GREEN TEA
Best for Soothing in skincare

Green tea is awesome to drink and great for your skin. It’s filled with polyphenols that not only scavenge free radicals but also work as an anti-inflammatory to accelerate wound healing. Great for people with rosacea, psoriasis, sensitive skin, and even acne. Look for this ingredient in your products.

Check out our Daily Enzymatic Cleanser that contains Green Tea.

Antioxidant: VITAMIN C
Best for: Brightening in skincare

Vitamin C is the ultimate antioxidant for brightening dull, tired-looking skin. It can calm and hydrate your skin and boost your collagen production to tighten fine lines and smooth uneven skin.

Check out SUR’s Antioxidant Night Creme and/or our Eye Revive Elixir.

Antioxidant: VITAMIN A
Best for Anti-Aging

Vitamin A (natural form) smooths fine lines, fills in wrinkles, softens bumps and rough patches, brightens skin, fades scars and dark marks, and helps reduce acne.

When you first start using it that can cause breakouts, dryness, and flakes. But you need to stick with it to see results (which will first be noticeable after 3-6 months). 

Since you only use Vitamin A at night, you can double it up with other antioxidants in the morning, but avoid using vitamin C along if you have sensitive, reactive skin since the combination—even hours apart—can irritate your skin. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant for fighting environmental aggressors that cause premature skin aging.

Best for Moisturizing

Alright, technically, vitamin E (a.k.a. tocopherol) is the best for everything and everyone. It’s the popular kid of antioxidants, because it does a little bit of everything, without being too intense. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, a strong shield against free radicals and premature aging, and a pro at keeping skin soft and supple, which is key for preventing scar formation.

Though it’s totally fine—and very gentle–on its own in products, it’s even more powerful against free radicals when combined with vitamin C (which is why you’ll see so many vitamin C + E products). As long as your skin isn’t too sensitive, try doubling up your products in the morning, layering on a moisturizer over a serum, or oil over a moisturizer.

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