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SUR is helping Marilyn's Voice Pet Rescue

SUR is partnering with Marilyn’s Voice Animal Rescue NonProfit to share the wonderful work they are doing and the happy stories of animals they have rescued.

Marilyn’s Voice Mission Statement: 

To rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for severely neglected and abused dogs from commercial kennels, puppy mills, and other unfortunate situations; to eliminate the puppy mill industry in Ohio by raising awareness through education, outreach, protests, and other events; to help individuals find responsible ways to acquire dogs as companion animals. 

Kristina Biondolillo is the Founder of Marilyn’s Voice: Animal Rescue. The nonprofit was founded after Kristina rescued Marilyn, a puppy mill dog who had been DEBARKED. Marilyn passed away due to complications from her debarking. Kristina knew she had to give a voice to those who couldn’t advocate for themselves and founded Marilyn’s Voice 501C3 Nonprofit. 


Meet Georgia:

Georgia was living under a car and took days to catch since she was so frightened! Marilyn’s Voice brought her in and gave her the love and attention she needed. 


Meet Princess Hope:

Princess Hope was found living with many other dogs in a hoarding situation. Marilyn’s Voice brought her in and gave her the love and attention she needed. 


Meet Lambchop:

Lambchop came from a puppy mill in Lake Charles, Louisiana . 

Kristina was horrified when she learned of the puppy mill abuse and formed the rescue animal non-profit in 2007. Since then, Marilyn’s Voice has saved over 2000 animals and has cared for, rehabilitated, and found new homes for the animals. They spend over $64,000 a year in just Veterinary bills. All the work is  volunteer and a labor of love. 


Meet Betty:

Betty was a puppy mill breeder rescued at age 3.


Meet Marley: 

Marley was rescued from a West Virginia puppy mill that was raided by authorities. 600 animals were confiscated from the puppy mill. Marley was very sick with dental disease and skin conditions, so stayed in rescue for months before finding his forever home. 



SUR wants to help support the work they do! You can help too!

Use code: MARILYN to get 20% off your order and SUR will donate 15% of your purchase to Marilyn’s Voice nonprofit. 



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