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Cleansing Oily Skin

Oily Skin:

A good facial cleanser cleanses oily skin and removes all excess sebum without irritating the skin. This way you ensure that your skin is prepared for all other products and prevent breakouts. A gel cleanser is best for oily skin types.


  1. Use cleanser has exfoliating properties (alpha-hydroxys, glycolic, salicylic acid, citric acids or lactic acids)

Use a cleanser that is gentle and can hydrate as well as clean. If your skin feels uncomfortably tight or itchy after cleansing, then your cleanser might be stripping your skin and leaving it dried out.

SUR’s Daily Enzymatic Cleanser is gentle enough to use everyday and contains fruit extracts that mildly exfoliate your skin. An exfoliation cleanser that contains glycolic acid helps exfoliate your skin 1-2 times per week. 

  1. Wash your face twice a day (AM and PM)

Don’t over cleanse your face. Wash your face and night to take off the pollution, dirt and makeup. Your skin secretes natural oils at night, so just rinse or wipe your face with water in the morning. Then apply all your SUR skincare goodies to start the day. 

  1. Change your drying towel frequently

If possible, change your face towels (preferably micro cloths) every day. Oil, dirt, and bacteria get trapped on your towels. It is essential that you do not transfer these bad guys back to your skin. Use a smaller sized hand towel or washcloth to reduce laundry.

  1. Don’t over dry or over exfoliate your skin

Many times, people with oily skin can over cleanse, over exfoliate or dry out their skin too much. This causes a rebound effect and can cause your skin to overproduce oil. So, make sure that your skin is supple and hydrated. Using hyaluronic acid is good to help give hydration to the skin cells below.  Try the SUR Multi-Action Hydrating Base, which is an oil free moisturizer to prep your skin. 

  1. Be gentle to your skin

You never want to treat dry skin harshly. Use this cleansing technique.

  • Wet your face with warm water 
  • Lightly massage a cleanser into your skin. 
  • Lightly polish/scrub using a microfiber cloth or a soft brush to help take off the dead skin 
  • Rinse your face and pat skin dry with a soft towel—never scrub or rub your face dry. 
  • Start your SUR skincare routine 

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