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Cleansing Sensitive Skin

With sensitive skin, understanding the skin irritants is key. There are different types of sensitive skin: Dry, Oily, and Combo.  Your skin is delicate so it’s best to use natural or plant-based ingredients whenever possible. 

Washing your face is an important process when you have sensitive skin. Choosing the Best Cleanser for Your Sensitive skin and knowing the steps is crucial. 

Always do a self-patch test to test out ingredients. Your dermatologist may also know specific ingredients you are sensitive to so read labels. 

  • Avoid products with fragrance
  • Avoid essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor

Wash Your Sensitive Skin

  • DRY SKIN SENSITIVE: wash your face with a gentle mild cleanser (like SUR Daily Enzymatic Cleanser) Use a very gentle exfoliating scrub 1-2 times per month. Test out the products first by doing a patch test area. Cleanse only at night, and rinse off with warm or cool water, never hot. Gently pat dry with a soft towel. Make sure not to scrub too hard when washing your face or drying. Follow up with a skin care routine. 
  • OILY OR ACNE SENSITIVE: Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser (like SUR Clear Skin Cleanser - coming soon) can be helpful to remove dead surface cells, allowing healthy, clear skin to the surface. A gentle scrub can be used as often as once or twice a week. Avoid harsh abrasive scrubs.
    Wash in the morning and evening. Wash your hands, and wet your face with lukewarm water. Gently clean without scrubbing. Rinse with lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, the oily layer of your skin, called sebum, will be affected. Change towels daily if you have acne. Follow up with a skincare routine.
  • COMBINATION SENSITIVE SKIN is tricky since you have both dry sections and oily sections on your face. Cleanse dry and oily areas appropriately.

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