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Dr. Oz Reviews the Biophotonic Nutritional Scanner

A while back, we at SUR fell in love with the Biophotonic Nutritional Scanner and posted a guest blog from Wendy Burman, Healthcare Program Director.

Dr. Oz loves this Biophotonic Nutritional Scanner too! And featured it on his show. 

From Wendy Burman,

I think most of us love Dr. Oz....maybe not everyone:-). If you don't love him, I am quite sure that you have at least heard of him.   But what we DO know about him is that he is all about clean eating and exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  He definitely walks the walk.  Dr. Oz contacted our company to do a segment on the importance of antioxidants as it relates to our health.  The nutritional scan was used to test the entire studio audience.  He describes the scan as the "Ultimate Nutritional Lie Detector".  What does this lie detector test you may ask?  The answer is in this short video clip. The clip is very informative and about 5 minutes long.  
Please contact Wendy Burman

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