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Getting a tune-up with your esthetician

The Importance of seeing your esthetician

The unfortunate reality is that we are exposed to environmental pollution on a daily basis.  Over time dirt, grime and dead skin cells build up on our face and a simple washing may not be enough to get rid of these pore clogging layers.  Seeing an esthetician regularly for deep cleaning and exfoliating facials can help you over time to achieve a healthy and glowing complexion.




The importance of regular exfoliation is to help jumpstart cell turnover, which encourages the growth of new and healthy cells.  An esthetician may have many different modalities available to help you achieve this exfoliation.  Microdermabrasion and fruit acid peels are amongst some of the more popular treatments that bear good results and can leave your skin with highly improved texture and a more radiant appearance. 






Another important advantage to seeing an esthetician is that they can evaluate your skin, making healthy and effective product and home care recommendations for any problem you may be having, such as acne or concerns due to the natural aging process. 





Addressing and implementing these recommendations can help you to discover and maintain a clean, fresh and healthy complexion, one that you are proud to have noticed by others.  I would of course be remiss not to mention how luxuriously wonderful and relaxing a good treatment and facial massage can leave you feeling whether at the beginning or the end of your day.

Suzanne Stanco, Esthetician and Founder of Beautiful Infusion Skin Care Spa

After having spent more than 2 decades in the technology industry, Suzanne felt it was finally time to begin a new career in what has long been her passion, skin care and the science behind the products and treatments that truly make a difference in how our skin looks, feels and ages.  

There is so much excitement in the aesthetics industry today surrounding the scientific advancements being made through cleaner and more effective skin care products as well as new treatments being administered.  With that in mind, Suzanne is ever evolving and dedicated to perfecting her craft.  She is committed to creating an experience that truly nourishes and leaves your skin feeling clean, detoxed, lifted, moisturized and glowing!

Suzanne Stanco, Certified Esthetician

Beautiful Infusion Skin Care

1275 Lincoln Ave.  Suite #4

San Jose, CA 95125

408 693-1837

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