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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence and Be Totally Prepared So You Can Nail Your Job Interview

You’ve found the job of your dreams, got the company’s attention with a killer resume, impressed them with your phone interview, and now the job interview looms. All you need to do is wow the hiring manager in your face-to-face interview.

The last thing you want at this point is to blow a great opportunity by underwhelming when you have a chance to make a great impression. And a lot of this starts with self-confidence and how you present yourself, but it ultimately comes down to what you know. To ensure you walk in feeling like a million bucks and have a great answer for every question, consider the following tips to help make sure you nail the interview.

At First Sight

No, your potential employer won’t hire you based on your looks. But if you feel good about your appearance, you carry that energy with you into the interview. The adage “fake it until you make it” bears a lot of truth, and many people use this technique when it comes to low self-confidence. But what if you could give your self-confidence the ultimate boost that lasts? Not only will this come out in your interview, but it can also benefit you in both your work and personal life. 

Your Skin

Let’s take skincare for example. If you suffer from breakouts or skin discolorations that make you feel self-conscious, there are ways to address these issues. Brands like SUR Clean Skincare were developed with skin conditions in mind, and they offer a product line that can help you eliminate concerns such as acne or overly dry skin. In addition to formulations that clarify and soothe, SUR Clean Skincare also offers products that can enhance skin tone and protect your skin from harsh elements. 

Your Teeth

When we don’t like how our teeth look, we’re less inclined to smile or laugh. Over time, many people become so uncomfortable with how their teeth look that they avoid socializing, public speaking and may even isolate themselves. If crooked teeth are affecting your self-confidence, you can correct minor spacing issues through the use of an at-home alignment system like SnapCorrect. A popular option in the clear aligner category, SnapCorrect provides a convenient and budget-friendly solution for straightening your teeth. Plus, SnapCorrect comes with free teeth whitening for life, which makes this a pretty compelling method for attaining a great smile. And while SnapCorrect won’t be able to straighten your teeth overnight, simply starting down this course can give you the extra pep you need in your step ahead of a big interview. 

What You Know

Aside from self-confidence, perhaps the best way to help yourself is to know your prospective employer inside and out, so do plenty of homework and make it a mission to know as much about them as your interviewer does (or at least go in feeling like you do). Spend plenty of time on their website, but don’t stop there. 

Read articles in industry publications and online news outlets so you have a well-rounded perspective on their status in the field and a good understanding of the challenges they face. Doing so will provide a better understanding of how to have a conversation in which you talk about ways you can help the company rather than focusing on what they’ll do for you. Glassdoor suggests checking out comments from employees at LinkedIn and on Twitter and scrolling through other social media sites for an insider’s view.

Paint a Picture

One of the best ways to impress and get your main points across is to paint a picture by telling stories. Anecdotes and real-life examples are excellent ways to respond to your interviewer. It’s an intelligent and evocative approach that won’t fail to impress, and it’s an entertaining way to engage a hiring manager/supervisor. It’ll make a much better impression than another candidate who keeps reciting info from their resume and repeating things the interviewer already knows. Spend some time anticipating questions and preparing substantive responses so you’re prepared to draw attention to things you want them to know. 

No matter what your circumstances are, preparedness is the key to succeeding in a job interview. Being ready gives you confidence and makes it easier to think clearly and communicate articulately. Do yourself a favor and spend every available moment studying and getting ready for your big chance to win the job of your dreams.

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