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Inspired by Superhero Women Entrepreneurs

SUR Clean Skincare is so excited to share some of our partners, alliances and friends who all share a vision for clean beauty and a healthy planet. These changemakers are all helping to empower other women, businesses and young entrepreneurs. 

Please read about them and their businesses. We love them and hope you will too.



Please meet Alisia Ford (@aleeeseea), Founder of Glory Skincare.

Alisia is an attorney and worked for Nike for many years. However, she felt compelled to follow her passion for skincare. She launched Glory in Feb 2020 on the belief that women of color should be at the forefront of every touchpoint in skincare and beauty. Using technology and skin experts, she curate non-toxic skincare products for women of every hue. Their priority is to partner with women and minority-owned, indie brands to connect women of color to clean and conscious products made for every skin type. They aim to empower the modern woman through education and access to skincare professionals with expertise in treating melanated skin. Check out their skin quiz and skincare boxes. 

Congrats on being featured on Beyonce’s IG.



Please meet Heynia Cooley, Professional Health & Wellness Coach  + Pilates Instructor

Specializing in realistic and practical approaches to support clients with taking back control of their health and improve habits.  As a culinary nutrition expert, fitness nutrition specialist, and certified Pilates instructor, Heynia teaches clients how to reach their nutritional and physical goals to reduce inflammation and  bloating, lose weight, increase energy, manage stress, and strengthen the body. Heynia is a huge advocate of clean living and a pesticide-free world. 
Heynia and SUR have collaborated on Spring Clean Your Health Workshops.
Virtual classes, meetings and discussions are available due to COVID19.


Please meet Salome Sallehy, Founder of Sugar Sugar Wax.

Here is her story.
I’d been traveling around the world with my family for 3 months and it was time to de-fuzz. As serendipity would have... it I met her; the woman that would change the course of my life and set my sensitive skin free from the pain, torture and injury of waxing and threading. Sugar wax is so natural you could eat it???”

I met my sugar tribe in the South of France. These women - 7th generation sugar makers from North Africa - took me into their fold and showed me their art of sugar-making in the cavernous hammams beneath the bustle of the city.
I’ve created a system that’s clean, green and effective, and I want to share it with everyone.I want to empower others to take control of their fuzz with a product that comes from nature and returns to nature without harming our only planet. Everyone wins!



Please meet a huge advocate for women in business, Susan Freeman, Founder of Freeman Means Business. 

Susan’s mission and passion is helping women achieve workplace equity in professional environments created without them. Susan knows that to reach parity in the workplace and for individuals to have masterful communication styles and gravitas-- both sexes need to understand and employ each’s communication style.  She leverages her vast communication, executive sales, and business development expertise to teach women the communication skills necessary to successfully navigate business organizations  built by men-- and to help men appreciate how communications skills normally associated with women can propel them forward, as well as help them communicate effectively with women.  Susan is a masterful orator and trainer who enhances the communication skills of both sexes and improves the performance and culture of organizations. 

Susan is always looking for ways to help other women succeed and grow their businesses.  

Connect with her at: 

Twitter: @wonderwomenbiz

Please meet Ashley Feinberg, Founder of Kavella. 

Kavella was founded by Ashley, a licensed cosmetologist and animal rights enthusiast. She attended a cosmetology school that used “luxury” professional hair care products and quickly became fascinated by the chemistry behind them. She began obsessively researching ingredients, and the more she learned about the chemicals she was using every day, the more disturbed she became by their potential toxicity. Even worse, she learned about the animal cruelty that went on behind the scenes of these brands. 

She decided to create formulas to use on her own damaged hair. (Because every stylist knows, cosmetology school is when you learn that hair is not invincible to lightener, and then more lightener, and then even more lightener!) She discovered certain plants and plant-derived ingredients could help specific hair problems. Through a great deal of trial and error, one of her experiments worked. After 2 weeks, her hair stopped breaking and gained back its elasticity. Her scalp became healthier, and she finally loved the way her hair looked and felt. 

After three years of being made by hand, Ashley’s formulas are now created in small batches at a certified organic lab in Southern California. Kavella is carried at boutique, conscientious salons that offer the highest quality, cleanest products to their clientele. 


Please meet Leilia Peake, Founder of L.PeakeStyle.

She is a master colorist and hair stylist and is known for her sleek, modern looks inspired by her home city of San Francisco. She has worked with numerous photographers for magazines, fashion shows, and video/photoshoots. Leilia has been trained and certified in multiple color systems and enjoys using her knowledge to create exactly what her clients envision. Currently, she is using clean and plant-based colors and advocates for clean hair products. 


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