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Pregnancy and personal care choices


"After my first appointment with my OB/GYN to confirm my pregnancy, I was handed a packet with information on what medicines, foods and activities to avoid throughout the next 35 weeks. As I read through it, it seemed like they had touched on almost everything - except beauty products. I couldn’t have deli meat. I couldn’t lay flat on my back after a certain number of weeks. I couldn’t take ibuprofen. But what about the beauty products I used in my skincare routine every morning and every night? Or the lotion I used to prevent stretch marks? I decided to ask some of my friends who have had children or are currently pregnant, and none of them were ever told they couldn’t use a certain beauty product during pregnancy either. The more I thought about this, the more I couldn’t believe it. There are ENDLESS things that new moms are told they should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy, yet the dangerous ingredients that flood the beauty industry are never mentioned! 

Because of this, I decided to do my own research. Turns out, there are a large number of toxic ingredients in skincare and common beauty products that should be avoided during pregnancy - they are called teratogenics. After learning more about these ingredients and their effects on our bodies, it made total sense why we should avoid them during pregnancy! And, why we should avoid them in general, even after our babies are born. They have a lot of nasty side effects that just aren’t worth the risk. Instead, I turned my focus to clean and healthy beauty products. By using clean products during my pregnancy, it has helped reassure me that I am only putting the best ingredients in my body for my little girl! 

What’s worked for me are my SUR Clean Skincare products! They are not only made with the best ingredients, but they’re effective too! The Radiance Facial Oil is my all time favorite. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since becoming pregnant, and I believe it is because I have started paying more attention to the foods I am putting in my body and the products I am putting on my skin."

Jessica Begeot, SUR Team Member

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