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Simply Sustainable: Animal Testing

Animal Testing and Cruelty 

Animal testing is a taboo topic, very hard to talk about and accept. One of those topics that people would rather be ignorant about but it is important to know about and what to look for to avoid it! 

Say NO to Animal-Cruelty
In the United States animal testing laws are still widely non-existent. Only three states have legislation that deem them cruelty-free; California, Nevada, and Illinois. There is not currently a country-wide ban on animal testing. However there are regulations on animal testing, but it is not very strict and often is animal-specific. 
Fortunately, places like the EU, Turkey, India, South Korea, and New Zealand have taken serious measures to not only ban the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals but also to stop the actual testing. 
The Move Away from Animal-Cruelty
Many companies proudly do not test on animals. There are a multitude of cruelty-free personal care and household products that are not tested on animals! Organizations like PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have databases where you can research products and companies that do not test on animals. 
Also, with new advanced technology, there are several ways products can be tested that do not involve animals at all. Like growing cell cultures and tissues in labs. Researchers are able to grow almost every type of human and animal cells. They can also use computer models and volunteers. 
What About Us?
Our company, along with many others, does not test on animals! Our Nourishing Body Oil is even safe for your fury friends. Dogs skin is very sensitive to the pH levels of products -- the Nourishing Body Oil has a neutral pH, so it is safe for your pups skin. 
This is different from essential oils, do not use essential oils on your pets. Even on your own skin, essential oils should be diluted because they are highly concentrated and can cause irritation.
Tip: Use Nourishing Body Oil as a paw and skin moisturizer for the dry winter months :)  

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