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Simply Sustainable: Controversy Surrounding the Fishing Industry

Controversy Surround the Fishing Industry and Netflix's new "Seaspiracy" Documentary

Netflix recently released a new documentary named Seaspiracy, directed by Ali Tabrizi. The documentary exposes the environmental damage caused by commercial fishing. Immediately, it received a lot of attention and backlash from the involved parties and interviewees due to the extreme claims made.

The documentary discusses environmental damage, species decline, and slavery all happening at the hands of the fishing industry.

The documentary is completely open to your own interpretation, but it is definitely worth the watch. Some scenes are alarming and controversial so be aware before you watch.

It calls for a major decline in the consumption of fish, which is hard for many communities that rely on fishing for their livelihoods. But if you are interested, give it a watch and start conversations with your family and friends! 

Watch the documentary here on Netflix. 

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