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Simply Sustainable: Exercise with the Earth!

Not comfortable going back to the gym? Don't want to pay expensive gym memberships? 

Well you're in luck, step outside and visit the gym that is always accessible - the earth!

Being sustainable is not all about making conscious choices but also enjoying and recognizing what the earth provides to us. Take some time out of your day to get in some physical activity while being in touch with nature. 

It doesn't have to be an extreme hike or run, even just taking 10 minutes out of your day to sit outside and stretch a bit can improve your mood and well-being. But hey, if you want to push yourself and enjoy some beautiful views challenge yourself with a hike. 

Sustainability challenge for you:

Want to exercise and help the earth at the same time? Here are some eco-exercises you can easily do:

  1. Pick up trash: Take a walk or run at your favorite spot and bring a bag and gloves to collect trash. A term coined in Sweden, Plogging, is spending time picking up trash while you walk, run, hike, etc
  2. Gardening: Planting things outside is both great for the earth and can be a nice exercise for you
  3. Sign up for local beach or park cleans-ups
  4. Fundraiser events: There are numerous events that races and runs whose funds support important causes 
  5. Change up your commute: If it's an option for you, try walking or biking to work -- avoids car pollution and is good for you


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