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Simply Sustainable: Free Radicals

When talking about antioxidants the word free radicals is often thrown into the conversation. Antioxidants help to reduce the stress of free radicals in your body, not only supporting healthy skin but the overall health of the body as well. Free radicals in the body are essentially unpaired electrons that travel through the body to become a pair and cause damage to the body in the process. Free radicals can be associated with diseases but are also linked to aging and skin damage. 

Some common free radical generating substances that people are typically exposed to are UV radiation and air pollution. 

UV Radiation

UV rays are the main generator of free radicals in the skin, unstable molecules cause damage that results in the breakdown of collagen and DNA in the cells. This ultimately ends with signs of premature aging. Using daily SPF can help protect the skin from UV damage. Use a mineral-based sunscreen instead of a chemical or synthetic sunscreen, stay tuned for SUR’s new mineral-defense sunscreens!

Air pollution 

Like UV rays, pollution that is suspended in the atmosphere can generate free radicals that can come into contact with the skin. These pollutants include things like smog, cigarette smoke, and chemicals released into the environment. The skin, with the help of antioxidants received through the diet, acts as the barrier that keeps free radicals from immediately entering the body. But introducing more antioxidants to the skin through products infused with antioxidants, like SUR’s Antioxidant Night Creme and the Eye Revive Elixir, can aid your body with free radical defense. 

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