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Simply Sustainable: Holiday Aftermath

What to do with wrapping paper?

Although pretty and festive, most wrapping papers are actually not recyclable. Any wrapping paper that has shiny colors, glitters and foils cannot be recycled because they are considered contaminants. So go ahead and just dump those right in the trash. 

Ribbons, bows and tissue paper is also not recyclable. Try to save everything you can to reuse! 

Matte wrapping paper, even colorful ones, can typically be recycled. Check with your local facilities for what they accept, it is different among different areas. 

"Scrunch test": If you scrunch the wrapping paper into a ball and it stays like that, you can probably recycle it. If it bounces back to the original shape, do not recycle. 

Tip: Recycle your cardboard! With all the online shopping you are certain to have cardboard lying around. Save and reuse it or recycle it. Be sure to break it down before putting it in the bin. 


How to recycle a Christmas Tree?

Several cities offer tree recycling. Check online if your city offers any programs. 

Many cities will offer curbside pick up for Christmas trees or you can bring them to a recycling facility. 

Only real trees can be recycled, no fake trees or flocked trees. 

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