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Simply Sustainable: Learn more about the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Who are they and what they do:

The Environmental Working Group was founded in 1992 by Ken Cook with the mission to support healthy living in a healthy environment. They put in the research to help consumers make more sustainable and educated decisions about the products they are using. From tap water to ingredients in your personal care products, they have worked to make sure public health is accounted for.

EWG Verification Program:

EWG has a Skin Deep Database as well as a rating system that rates the toxicity levels of products and specific ingredients. Companies can apply to have their products verified by EWG through the verification program. Product ingredients and their concentration levels are reviewed to determine wether they meet EWG's criteria, if the product passes then they receive the verified mark!

Healthy Living: 

EWG created an app called EWG’s Healthy Living which allows you to access their Skin Deep Database right on your phone!

You can scan your products or search for specific ingredients in their database and review their toxicity levels and their individual EWG ratings. It also provides possible health and environmental effects as well as any regulations surrounding the product or ingredient. 


SUR Clean Skincare is an advocate of EWG and uses their standards to measure the safety of ingredients in our products. Check out our EWG verified products! 

SUR often takes part in EWG events, look out for After-hours with EWG verified for fun pop-ups that include many EWG verified brands. 

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