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Simply Sustainable: Reusing Your Glass Bottles!

SUR is not the only skincare company that has made the switch to glass, many companies are moving away from plastics and using more environmentally friendly materials for their packaging. SUR being an eco-luxury brand decided to go with glass, as it wont negatively impact the efficacy of the products. 

Plastic is cheap and easy to manufacture, and yes it can be recycled but only to a certain extent before it ends up in a landfill or the ocean. Glass bottles can be continuously recycled back into new glass! 

The best thing, you can repurpose your old glass bottles! It doesn't have to just be old personal care or cosmetic bottles but any glass! 

  • You can use some of your smaller bottles to refill for traveling instead of buying those tiny plastic ones. For example -- SUR's new glass bottles are the perfect size for traveling and are thicker glass to avoid breaking.
  • Old perfume bottles can be great decor pieces to add to any aesthetic, you can even use them as vases!
  • Old food jars can be used as cups, tupperware, or storage for whatever your heart desires. 
  • Bigger glass containers can be used for plants! Especially if they are pretty. Fun tip -- you can paint them to look like unique ceramic pieces :)
  • Old cosmetic jars can be used for your own DIY skincare creations! 

If you don't save your bottles, glass or plastic, just make sure to recycle them responsibly! You can contact your local recycling facility to find out more information about how they recycle. Keep your favorite brands in check by asking them about their packaging and if they have any recycling programs in place!


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