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Simply Sustainable: Sea Ingredients - Irish Sea Moss and Kelp!

It is no surprise that ingredients coming from the ocean are so popular. The ocean itself naturally has essential vitamins and minerals that are not only great for your skin but for the overall health of your body as well! Irish Sea Moss and kelp are both trending ingredients in health-foods and skincare due to their antioxidant and nourishing properties. 

Irish Sea Moss

Not actually a moss, but a type of red algae with several health benefits. It has been used for centuries in countries like Ireland and Scotland for different health reasons. It typically grows off the Atlantic Coast in areas of Europe and the British Isles. 

Irish sea moss is rich in essential elements such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A -- these together benefit skin by fighting signs of aging and providing hydration. For example, sulfur can act as an antibacterial and can be effective in decreasing excessive oil and fighting acne. 

Irish sea moss also has many overall health benefits, helping the body receive nutrients that it could be lacking from a regular diet. It is important to make sure the sea moss is good quality as it can accumulate toxins in the ocean. So make sure it is coming from a trusted brand and that it is certified organic! 

Sea Kelp 

Sea kelp is actually an algae that grows in what looks like underwater forests. Like Irish sea moss it is also a popular supplement added to foods. 

It is famously known to grow off the rocky coasts of the Pacific Ocean but can also be found in the Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans. 

Because it is rich in minerals and antioxidants, it provides great hydration and can aid in helping skin retain moisture. It is also beneficial for acne prone skin and can help reduce the signs of aging. Minerals like iodine can help to fight dry skin. 

SUR Clean Skincare uses both Irish sea moss and kelp in many of our products. You can find these amazing ingredients in our Purifying Seaweed Mask, Eye Revive Elixir and Repairing Serum with Vitamin C.

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