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Simply Sustainable: SUR Refill Program

SUR is excited to announce the launch of our refill program! As a company that advocates for sustainability and environmental education, we are constantly brainstorming ways that we can make SUR more sustainable as a brand. 

After we made the switch to glass, we piloted a refill program with some of our local clientele. With the success and interest that came from that, we decided to move forward and launch the program. 

This program can work to help prevent the accumulation of waste and save you the hassle of disposing product bottles. 

How the program works:

You cannot start the program until you have already made a purchase and have SUR bottles or jars.

  1. Place your order at for the products that you want to be refilled. Use the code REFILLSUR at checkout receive 40% off your purchase
  2. You will receive a shipping label from us once your order is confirmed 
  3. Print the label and package up your bottles! Send us back your SUR bottles, pumps, and caps or drop them of at our office if it is more convenient for you
  4. When we receive both you order AND your bottles, we will sterilize, refill and send them back to you!

Tip: If you already have bottles saved from previous orders, you can start right away. To help make sure you always have product, purchase two sets (a full sized and travel sized) or have a sample handy (which can also be purchases on our site). 

Even if the refill program is not appealing to you, save your SUR bottles and use them for anything you want. Labels can often be removed easily with warm water and soap. If they give you trouble, try some goo gone or an acetone solution.

Please reach out with any questions you might have!

**We will NOT refill your order until we receive your online order AND your bottles****


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