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Simply Sustainable: Sustainable Holiday Tips!

With the businesses of the holiday season it is even harder to try to make eco-conscious decisions over more convenient ones.

Here are some easy tips that can help you have a more sustainable holiday:

  1. Energy-saving lights
    LED lights use less energy, are eco-friendly, and are safer then traditional bulbs. And they brighter. Consider them for tree lighting and outdoor lighting. Solar powered outdoor lights are another great option.
  2. Alternative wrapping paper 
    Festive and pretty wrapping paper may be fun, but can be extremely wasteful. Save packaging materials to repurpose for the gifts you may be wrapping. Newspaper, brown bags and grocery bags, maps, fabric, old jars and various other materials can all be used as DIY wrapping. Get creative and show your DIY skills with unique wrapping. At C2, we specifically ship our products in unbranded boxes to encourage reuse :) 
  3. Shop local and support small businesses 
    It is extra important to show love to local and small businesses this year, especially with the pandemic. Shop local for your gifts and for food. 
  4. DIY gifts 
    Consider getting crafty this holiday season. Save money and show your skills with homemade gifts like yummy treats. 

Small decisions like these are easy ways you can reduce your carbon footprint both during the holidays and everyday. 

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