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Simply Sustainable: "The Game Changers" Netflix Documentary

The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary presented by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger that follows James Wilks on his journey to uncover the conventional view we as a society have on protein in our diets. It showcases several professional athletes that live by a vegan or vegetarian diet and how their diets affect their bodies performance. 

Now this film makes many claims about a vegan or vegetarian diet but the documentary primarily suggests that a vegan or vegetarian diet promotes heart health, decreases inflammation, lowers cancer risk, improves physical performance and is better for the environment. 

Much of the data presented in the documentary is supported but it does not talk about the benefits that a omnivorous diet can also provide. It is important to present both sides so the consumer can make an educated decision. 

The documentary does talk about studies that have be some-what debunked but the most important thing to take away from this film is to understand the difference between marketing and reality. 

A main focus of the documentary is our understanding of protein. My whole life I have been taught that a high-protein diet consists of meat and big and strong people eat a lot of meat. They are trying to portray that is not necessarily the case, the protein we get from meat does not come from the meat itself but from the food (plants) that the animals eat. 

They are trying to get rid of the stigma that eating a vegan or vegetarian diet makes you weak, you can be just as healthy and strong without consuming animal products. A plant-based diet is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that can help optimize your bodies performance but you can be equally as healthy eating an omnivorous diet. 

I strongly urge you to watch this documentary and read the follow up articles to form your own opinion. You don't need completely change your diet but incorporating more plant-based options won't hurt you. 

It's getting rid of the processed foods and added sugars our bodies are addicted to. Sticking to a diet that is full of whole, natural foods will be your healthiest option. 

A plant-based diet is extremely beneficial to the environment, a lot of the documentary and the follow up articles focuses on the health benefits but its important to understand how the livestock industry effects the earth too. "The livestock industry is responsible for 15% of the greenhouse gas emissions, this is the total amount of emissions from the ENTIRE transportation industry -- cars, trains, planes, etc combined" - Game Changers. 

A majority of our agriculture land is dedicated to livestock production, wether that be land for the actual animals or land to grow their food. If everyone was to decrease their meat intake we could increase our biodiversity and give some of that land back to the natural world. 

Watch the documentary on Netflix and read the followup articles linked below!

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