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Skincare Habits That Won't Break the Bank!

The journey to good skin doesn’t have to sink your funds! Simple daily habits can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. Even practices that seem unrelated to skincare can have an impact on your complexion and overall health.

Wash your pillowcase often

Since your face rests on your pillow for multiple hours a night, it’s crucial that you keep it clean! Wash your pillow sheets multiple times a week to prevent oil and germ buildup.

Sanitize your phone

Your phone is another surface that comes in contact with your face multiple times a day. So, keep that cell clean by sanitizing it with antibacterial and antiviral wipes everyday. 

Drink up!

Make your skin texture supple and plump by hydrating throughout the day. Simply increasing your water intake will up your skin’s glow!

Catch up on those z's

It's called beauty sleep for a reason - getting enough sleep is crucial to looking and feeling your best! Your skin is hard at work to heal and rejuvenate itself while you're off at dream land.

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