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Everyone loves a beautiful sunny day! Whether you are having a day at the beach, driving in the car, taking a walk, or shopping outside ultraviolet (UV) rays are always present. Protect your skin against sunburn, premature aging, skin damage, or even skin cancer. The best way to save your skin is to limit your sun exposure and always choose shade. 


Sun Exposure

Unprotected skin on a sunny day or cloudy day should be protected with sunscreen, protective clothing, sunglasses, and hats. Monitor your sun exposure time and take precautions. 

What is SPF?

Sun Protection Factor = SPF

You will see this on sunscreen and clothing/hats, and indicates how well it protects your skin from UV exposure. A sunscreen with a SPF 15 will protect 93% of your skin and the higher the SPF number will give you incremental protection. SUR’s mineral defense has a SPF of 30 and comes in tinted colors to help even your skin tone. We like to call it a daytime sunscreen-foundation. 



Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is extremely important, especially if you are in the water or sweating a lot. Listen to your skin - it will tell you when you need to get out of the sun!! Sunscreen will protect against sunburned skin - your skin can still get a sun-kissed tan while using sunscreen. 


Safe Ingredients

Protect yourself and our wildlife by using only zinc oxide sunscreen products. To date, zinc oxide is the safest ingredient to protect your skin. There are so many zinc-only options and new products. Stay away from the synthetic sunscreens as they have been shown to pass through the blood brain barrier, accumulate in the body, and possibly cause neurotoxicity. Check out this sunscreen study.  


Clothes help!

Covering up to protect from sun exposure if probably the easiest way to be sun safe. Wearing a fashionable hat will protect the top of your head and provide shade to your face and eyes. Sandals or footwear that protects the top of your feet is also important - and many people forget about this part of their body. 


After sun tips

After a fun day in the sun, your skin will need some TLC. If it feels hot and tight, you may have over exposed your skin. Here are some tips.

  • Apply aloe or a body lotion with magnesium
  • Use a small amount of SUR’s Multi-Action Base and/or SUR’s Repairing Serum on sunburn skin
  • To soothe and cool skin, take a cold bath or shower or apply cold compresses to the area
  • For pain, take your recommended pain reliever
  • If blisters form, don’t break them
  • Protect your skin from further sun exposure
  • Always remember to rehydrate with electrolytes

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