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What is Skincare Layering?

The order you apply your skincare products makes a difference - there’s a science behind it! Layering products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the maximum benefits of each product.


CLEANSE Step 0: Use a facial cleanser to remove makeup, pore-clogging dirt, bacteria, and oil buildup. Your skincare will be absorbed better if you first wash off these impurities.

Normal or Dry Skin: Don’t over strip your skin. Wash with a cleanser only at night then just rinsing it off in the morning.

Oily skin: Wash with a cleanser day and night.

All skin types: Don’t forget to exfoliate at least once a week.

Try SUR’s fan-favorite: Daily Enzymatic Cleanser.


PREP Step 1: Prep the skin and combat dehydrated skin with a Multi-Action Hydrating Base. Apply before all other skincare products. 

Using a skincare primer will help the next skincare products absorb and melt into your skin. Note: Toners are needed if you are stripping your skin with acne preventing ingredients. They help balance the pH of your skin.

Try SUR’s award-winning Multi-Action Hydrating Base.


REPAIR Step 2: Nourish your skin with a serum. Serums are intended to infuse nutrients into your skin. You always use a serum BEFORE a moisturizer or oil.

Serums generally help to improve skin texture and tone, and give you younger, better-looking skin. Studies have shown that rare Apple Stem Cells shows the tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin. They also have antioxidant properties and promote cell turnover and increase collagen production.

 Try SUR’s award-winning Repairing Serum with Vitamin C. 


HYDRATE Step 3: Moisturizers, creams, and oils create a protective/moisture barrier to help prevent water in the skin from being lost and to prevent environmental damage to your skin. Use a moisturizer on your face every day to help reduce wrinkles, hydrate the top and lower layers, and to give your face the healthy glow.

It should always be the final step before sunscreen. Select a moisturizer that is right for your skin needs. Do a patch test beforehand.

Dry skin: Radiance Facial Oil

Normal skin: Luminous Creme with Niacinamide

Oily: Luxe Creme




PROTECT Step 4: Exposure to the sun is the number one cause of aging so use protection – all year round. The safest sunscreen for you and the environment is mineral-based and made with zinc oxide. Synthetic sunscreens are harmful to our reef eco-systems and could potentially pass the blood-brain barrier.

SUR will be launching a new tinted sunscreen that gives some daytime coverage. Perfect for sports or a day in the sun.


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