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Tips for Covid Mask Wearing Season

Covid Mask Wearing Season
Always wear a clean mask.
Wipe the edges of the mask with isopropyl alcohol before wearing the mask to decontaminate it before it touches your skin. Use isopropyl alcohol. Keep some small packets in your bag to rewipe your mask  if you are wearing for a long period of time. 

Keep wipes with you to clean your face during long periods of time wearing a mask. Use wipes to clean face/hands for long term mask wearing. 

Always clean your face with a good cleanser when you get home. Wash off the pollution, bacteria, and impurities that can accumulate on your face. Try the SUR Daily Enzymatic Cleanser that has fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin. 

It’s good to give your skin a deep cleanse once a week. Exfoliate and use facial clay masks to take off dead skin and unclog pores. Try the SUR Purifying Seaweed Mask for your whole face or just spot treatments. Your skin will feel refreshed. 
Make sure you brush teeth well and gargle - as you are breathing directly into the mask. Bacteria is housed in your mouth so keep it as clean as possible.

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