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Why you need to wear sunscreen indoors?

Blue Light from computers, phones, tablets, and television can age your skin!

After months of being cooped up in our houses, we are spending more time indoors --  working from home, catching up on the latest Netflix series, and laughing at tik tok videos. 


So, why are we talking about sunscreen when I am not going outside as much?


Simple, if you're sitting near windows, or in front of a computer screen, reading your phone, or playing games on your table -- you are exposing yourself to potentially skin-damaging light. 

There are three main reasons why experts say you should wear SPF indoors, all involving what you’re exposed to:

    • Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays
    • Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays
    • Blue light from smart devices, computers and television




    Ultraviolet A rays, which can cause signs of aging like loss of elasticity and wrinkles, not all windows are treated with protection from the sun's harsh rays. Unless you're in a windowless room, you may want to consider protecting with your sunscreen. Even cloudy days can emit UVA light which can cause premature skin by breaking down collagen and connective tissues - which can lead to skin cancer. And for the record, UVA doesn’t tan your skin. 


    UVB rays generally cause sunburns and can damage the skin’s DNA. A sunburn is when skin cells are beyond repair and peel off. If those damaged skin cells continue to get damage there is a risk of skin cancer. 

    Blue Light

    Blue light is emitted from all digital screens which includes your computer, phone, table, and television. 

    • Blue light can cause pigmentation and spots and increase the production of melanin in the skin. 
    • Blue light can also create those pesky free radicals which can cause inflammation and lead to breakdown of collagen and connective tissue of the skin. 

    What’s the solution when indoors?

    • Avoid the sunny windows
    • Protect your skin with sunscreen (SUR Mineral Defense is safe for pregnancy)
    • Protect your skin with antioxidant creme
    • Eat foods loaded with antioxidants

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