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SUR Story

Welcome to SUR Clean Skincare

When it comes to skincare, we believe the most powerful and effective products are made with safe, clean, and scientifically trusted ingredients. SUR Clean Skincare ® founders, Dr. Clarissa Shetler and Cameron Shetler (her scientist daughter), found it impossible to find products that would give great results without any sneaking harmful additives. So, we decided to create the products we couldn’t find -- and founded SUR Clean Skincare ®. 

Both SUR Clean Skincare ® founders have personal skin stories that drove our passion to find good skincare. Clarissa has a childhood skin condition called ichthyosis (fish scale skin) in which dermatologists only had a recommendation of Crisco lard. Cameron has continuously struggled with acne and couldn’t figure out how to make her skin happy. After taking a deep dive into how many harmful ingredients are found in personal care products, we decided that we could do something better — something clean. Many harmful ingredients are also negatively impacting our planet, so finding sustainable sourcing for our products is extremely important to us. 

The SUR Clean Skincare team is composed of women scientists who are extremely selective with what goes into our products. Reviewing years of evidence-based research and safety data from non-profit health organizations, we were able to select only the most trustworthy and powerful ingredients for our products. Our standards for clean skincare are high, and we refuse to cut corners with regards to the safety of our skincare.

Although our focus is what we put on our skin, we know that skin health is not skin deep. Here at SUR Clean Skincare, we encourage everyone to learn more about how their lifestyle affects their skin and overall health too with our blog and newsletters that cover sustainability, lifestyle, food choices, and more. 

SUR Clean Skincare ® products are free from Parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals, and phenols (in addition to over 5,000 other potentially harmful toxic ingredients), and are never tested on animals. We have found that our clean healthy regimen will hydrate, plump, and add nutrients to give you skin that glows from within. 

Feeling great in your skin is something everyone deserves -- you deserve safe, clean, and effective skincare. We hope you love the products as much as we do!